De-Technifying–The new De-Tox

Having been away from the limelight feels so good and refreshing. I have been longing for a vacation since a decade and trust me each day was worth it during the last 30 days. You cherish each day of your vacation and I tried it by a new way, by “ De- Technifying”.

It is certainly a ritual that every photo we take on a vacation has to be uploaded on Insta, FB, we need to create stories and share what’s happening…. i remember running around looking for charging points in my previous trips as i was always eager to upload and check my feeds..even power banks gave up on me sometimes…

Try the other way around, try switching off your data and enjoy the moments instead. Live in them and try to relive them.  We try to capture our beautiful moments to create an unforgettable memory.. but in the process, we forget to cherish the real beauty with our own eyes. We see the world through a lens now a days and have forgotten that we could use our own eyes too.

Its like a dream I live now as I close my eyes, I see the greens, I feel the rain water dripping down my fingers, the smell of home made food, each moment is fresh and alive. Memories are born each minute and we can cherish them forever in our hearts only if we make it worth while it lasts…

Remember we made technology for our use and seems like technology is taking us for a ride..

Do share you experience if you have tried “De-Technifying”.

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