Can happiness really be found…

I have been reading about this one word “happiness” across the internet…. How to find happiness, 10 ways that lead to happiness, find your perfect happiness…. Does this term “Find Happiness” exist or it is just an illusion we create.

I really never understood how can you find happiness when it purely lies within you. You pave the way for it. You could go around the bush finding, asking happiness, but it will only find you, when you find yourself.

We are now so tech savvy that we try and find temporary happiness. Chatting with a stranger online, clicking selfie’s (many a times to prove a point to others), expensive clothes (even when you cannot afford them) unknowingly destroys your inner peace. These things do give a satisfaction, but you cannot label this satisfaction as happiness. A lot of you might disagree, but I do believe it is the truth. Life happens in-between small memories and we run behind making a whole movie to find one.

Happiness is not something to be found but merely be felt. Nothing can buy happiness unless you have the feeling within you that can make you smile. Lets create this smile for us and others.


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