Need….. or…. NoNeed…

Don’t you feel excited and overwhelmed to be the star in someone’s eyes . From amidst the crowd, you want someone to always be there for you, around you. The need to be wanted makes us feel on top of the world. Some are lucky to have one person and some have many around them. But it’s quite vicious as to how priorities keep changing and so do people.

Our connect to disconnect percentage is highly based on the days performance. A happy day, means we can chat with anyone and everyone throughout and a sad day, just wants you to avoid all the gaga and meet someone either tooo special or go n sleep without anyone.

What happens during this transition phase, do you change suddenly or they.. or it’s the way you see or they see you. It bothers me a lot when someone talks to me for hours and then suddenly disconnects for weeks. I kept believing until a certain period of time that it’s my fault, I must have done something that bothered the person… but as time passed by I realized, it’s not about that person or me, its about which phase I entered their life or vice versa. Once the phase is over, you move on to the next one with a new set.

At some point, we all have been through this phase… you mean the world to someone for a certain period of time and then boommmm your world comes crashing down…Taking out 5 mins from your whole day or week or month to talk to this person seems difficult.

Attachments do hurt, but what hurts more is knowing we held on to something for too long and so firmly that it got remolded.

Many of us find it difficult to let go. We try and hold on to things that keep hurting us with the fear of losing. Never realizing that the letting go is better than holding on to shattered pieces.

If love could be a free bird then feelings should be the sky….

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