Love remains…. Feelings don’t…..

Love is in the air today and so am I 🙂 …. The roses, the gifts, the redness all over my office is taking me to another world.

We all have had our share of experiences in love.. We fall in love, live in it and some fly out of it too soon to fall again. Do you remember the first time you fell in love, being tongue tied, racing heartbeats, the look in your eyes, the shyness, the blushing, the endless wait…. This just rushes me back in time, the day I met him.

Coming from the same neighbourhood, friendship taught us how we could bear each other even if meant killing each other the same time. Having known him from the age of 1, we knew this was meant to happen. The cupid will strike.. He being a sexy hunk who knew how to run his fingers through his hair and impress a girl with that smile(he still does) and me being the hottie around, making boys run for their money… IT HAPPENED.. Somewhere inbetween our small fights, arguments, late night walks, and never ending gossip… love happened…

The first love, the naïve love as some describe it, becomes very difficult to understand as having him as a friend for most of my life and suddenly the equation drift. From hitting each other to holding hand, from being his wingwomen to being HIS women, everything was so different. But what remained intact was our friendship even throughout the love saga. Going on long bike rides, introducing each other in front of friends as mates was a change altogether. Few guessed it before and few couldn’t digest it as you will always find thorns inbetween flowers. Those special years of our life will always be cherished.

Though parents did not allow us to go for late night parties, or night outs, being in the neighbourhood always helped as we could loiter around any time of the day. Days passed by and years did, love grew stronger and there was nothing else other than us that existed.

Few years later, the harsh reality called “LIFE” struck. He had to travel for his further education and I was pretty much in the same premises… Initially the distance dint matter as emails were sent on regular basis but as time passed by, life got busy and boommmm…. Those times, without this technology of video calls, facetime, constant social media, our relationship hit a setback. This distance created a huge gap in our relationship. Being away from each other for almost 2 years and communicating only by emails, drew us apart. Love remained…. Feelings seemed to disappear.

Ideally love is never to complicated, relationships are… The beauty of our relationship was that even after all this, when we met heads on, all the emotions came alive and love was back again, but the thought of separation was scary and we dint want to talk.  We had to decide to grow apart mutually or carry on with the long distance fights and kill our relation.. a decision had to be taken before he left, and this time for a longer period…

He always called me a destiny baby…as destiny has a plan for you always and it held true, we decided to live our life’s separately. This decision killed both of us… we both were petrified.. just soulless bodies in two different countries wanting to be back again… Life became a full stop. From being extroverts, we both turned introverts, alcohol was the next best friend, and we just wanted to date someone else to move on…an easy escape we thought…. nothing helped.. absolutely nothing…. We always made sure we update our whereabouts to each other as we just couldn’t cut off completely. We both lived similar life’s in different countries.

Somewhere this breakup taught us, we couldn’t be without each other. Anxious, we decided, after a year’s break, to be back together and stop ruining others life… life was beautiful again but short lived too…

Love is mystery as it can teach you to live with the person and to grow out of him too…

Happy Valentines day people ❤️

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