When love is not enough…..

“Have you been in love” is the first question I asked to this extremely handsome looking man I just met. I know I sounded stupid then as I couldn’t take my eyes off him, but he very gently brushed this question with his evil smile. This assured me that I am not the only one who asked him this. His beautiful green eyes, an envious sculpted body, a captivating smile and an exceptionally polite tone. Humorous, chivalrous, smart and a super talented gentleman. He was in many ways the perfect man I thought… or was it only a thought… It felt like a dream which I was seeing with open eyes..

We met through a project work and I always wondered how can this killer dude be so grounded. He had his values intact, respected women, even when he knew that they are crushing on him, he acknowledged it with elegance. It is not everyday we meet these type of men (I’m sure a lot of women might agree).

From working with him from day 1 until the project got over, everyday was a new story, a new life with him. Never have i felt so special, the way he made me feel with his presences, his eyes. He is possessive, protective and at the same time careless. All the eyes around us presumed that we were dating.. which wasn’t the story. We would always meet up in the mornings, made sure we have all our meals together and spent every minute around each other.

Can we have friendships in love is what I pondered on; as the way I feel for him wasn’t only as a friend and it wasn’t purely love either. I went ahead  and confessed what I felt for him and he admitted of having the same feeling. That day I discovered a new relationship, when love is not enough to fulfill a relation and friendship is way too behind.

It was never about sleeping with this man, or crushing on him… It  was more about being in love and respecting the fact that we can’t be together as partners and still falling in love each day.. It has been 2 years since we both know each other. Every single morning, we make sure we text, call whenever possible. The way he looks at me even today, gives me the same shiver when we first met… and for him as he says…. When I look at him, I still give him butterflies in his stomach….

Sometimes love is complicated, and sometimes we are….

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