Far Away… But Close Enough

My email is been bombarded with love messages, the network providers oozing with love offers… This amazing week is the Valentine week as they say or the V-Day….But do we really celebrate Valentine week after college?

It was a fancy during college days, who would take whom out, what to wear, where to go….and after all this fancy time, suddenly all the love vanishes as soon as the month is over…. like do we really need a day to celebrate love or is it just another game we play to fit inn. (I personally have no offenses in people celebrating this day happily. I would love to meet them someday…)

The V day has always been special as i have my best friends birthday falling a day prior to this day… so practically even if i wanted to go out on a date, i had to make sure she is with me 🙂

Having known her for more than a decade now, i know she is so far the best choice i made for myself . From writing each other assignments, to buying alcohol on our breakups.. we have seen a lot of ups and down.. to a point where we did not talk to each other for a year… but nothing could tear up apart, even that period of hate (touch wood). Closer by heart, but separated by distance is how we describe our self’s.

As they say, when you truly love someone, distance never plays an important role, and with her this holds true. It never worked out on love relationships, but with her, its magic… Its ironic, we both decided to part ways for our careers, relationships the same year and the same month. Its been 5 years now and we have met only once, but even today when we call each other our conversations start from where we left them. Its surprising on how beautifully the chemistry works which somehow never worked so good with our respective partners. Life is different when you have someone who can treat you the same way as they did 10 years back. Having to confide into someone when you want to; irrespective of a physical presence. It is truly one the best relationships to cherish forever. She is my 2 am friend, even if we are in different time zones… She have always inspired me to be a better person and continue doing so by staying with me as a ghost…

Indeed best friends are a blessing and should be always placed higher than your love is what i believe inn…. for love can change, friendships don’t…..

Friendships don’t just happen as love does… treasure it, preserve it and let them know today

Hugging Face on emojidex 1.0.34

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