A EAR to an Ailing heart

Often i have come across instances where we play the blame game; between friends, family, coworkers, our perfect soulmates 😏 ….   who’s wrong who’s right, who is perfect and who is not ….

Irritating as it sounds, but i recently had to babysit a married friend of mine. I could see it in her eyes that she is frustrated and almost battling her tears. One more minute of silence and she would be in depression. She had everything settled in her life… A perfect family, non-grumbling in-laws, a loving and caring husband, an adorable, cute, well behaved kid who was mature enough even before the age of 1.

Not everything you see is to believe i thought… While she cared for everyone around her, took interest in what others wanted, emotionally and physically catered to everyone, but no one to do things for her. She felt alone in this home crowd..I thought this is what happens to most of the married women… Sacrifice or rather willing do everything for others and later regret as to why they did not live their own lives.

Why to take oneself for granted. Maybe because of this, everyone else does and doesn’t value you. She spoke for hours and hours and i sat their with my cup of tea listening to the howling and weeping. And after this ended, she got up and was all set to to repeat the same practice. I tried advising her that don’t do things that don’t keep you happy; and she replied, “They are my happiness”.

Its strange how we perceive the world. But maybe what my friend needed is someone who could hear her out and not give advises. This is what a lot of people in the world need. Somebody to talk to.. We have sooo many friends, perfect relationships, but we cant go and confide into that one person in a problem.. It is depressing to read so many suicides happening around which can be stopped if we decide to talk to someone.

We cannot change the whole world… but we can start with one.



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