That strange feeling…

Have you ever been lost.. not merely physically but mentally. you are in a group of friends, there is laughter around, jokes playing in the house, you are smiling and cheering for your friends and suddenly the next moment you just disconnect. You feel you are lost in between all this chaos, you are somewhere else and not in your friendzone anymore. You can hear them clearly but you are lost in your own world of thoughts. You cant connect to them. This happens unintentionally and you want to get back but you cant… you just sink inn and be there for a while… Does this happen to you….

Suddenly a sense of pain comes inn, you cant feel the happiness that is around you but you feel a sudden loss, an excruciating pain or a feeling that you have lost something important. You subconsciously feel hollow.You don’t know what it is and why this is happening but you can only feel it. It makes you annoyed to feel why this pain, and so sudden and you try to search within yourself the reasons but you cant find any….

This sudden exit from the now world makes one anxious, makes you want to run and find for the reasons, but you just cannot and would not; the happiness, joy nothing matters. When i was trying to search for reasons of such behaviour there were a lot of terms that popped inn but i couldn’t relate to any. This is because when you are trying to find answers for something which you yourself dont know how can science claim it is an mental illness or a deprivation of emotion. You do come out of this zone too but just the unknowing of the knowing is what makes it difficult.

There will be a lot of us who would relate to this and would feel what i say.. do let me know your thoughts on this..

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